Bayete is a managed self-hosting solution.

A tool to help you build out your self-hosted infrastructure, and maintain that infrastructure.

You may be an individual just starting out, an established company with a number of employees, or a team within a large corporation.

Either way, you don't want to spend your resources in building out or maintaining your infrastructure.
You just want to develop your applications and/or services.
This is where Bayete can help you.


Bayete strives to provide a simple interface to manage a complete development environment, with the following capabilities;

  • Distributed Code Repository
  • Bug Tracking
  • Code Reviews
  • Continuous Integration/Deployment/Delivery
  • Monitoring of Errors
  • Collections of Application/Service metrics

Once your development environment is up and running, Bayete will help to maintain the environment through;

  • User maintenance, any changes automatically pushed to the relevant applications/services, as defined by teams.
  • Application/service upgrades, you decide when to upgrade
  • Servers patched and upgraded
  • Backups

You may out grow Bayete capabilities and that's great, there is no lock in, you are free to cancel at anytime, and still keep your development environment.
See How It Works for more information.